Sitecore MVP Nominations Are Open For 2018


Brandon Bruno


November 17, 2017


Sitecore MVP Nominations Are Open For 2018

Nominations for 2018 Sitecore MVPs are now open! Check out the MVP Nomination page to get started.

What Is a Sitecore MVP?

In short, a Sitecore MVP is someone who contributes to the Sitecore developer community and is recognized by Sitecore for all their hard work. Contributions can be almost anything, but are most commonly a combination of things:

  • speaking at user groups
  • blogging about Sitecore (technical, business, or marketing topics)
  • engaging and helping others on Twitter and Slack
  • contributing or answering questions on Sitecore Stack Exchange
  • presenting at Sitecore Symposium
  • publishing a Sitecore module on the Marketplace

Beyond community recognition, being a Sitecore MVP has a few perks. Early access to upcoming Sitecore releases and an invitation to the annual Sitecore MVP Summit are among the best.

Contributing to the community is more important than engaging regularly, but every bit helps. For more information about the developer community and how to get involved, check out my previous blog post, Keeping Up With the Sitecore Community.

Nominating Yourself and Getting Nominated

The MVP application process is pretty straightforward. You are essentially nominating yourself to be an MVP, then describing all the reasons that you should be an MVP.

The program has some specific asks this year, such as:

  • What Sitecore projects you were involved in, and what was your role?
  • Your objectives for 2018.
  • Links to online profiles, such as Twitter, StackExchange, LinkedIn, and others.

To really show how much of an impact you've made on Sitecore community, get a current Sitecore MVP or Sitecore employee to nominate you for MVP. This is where being active on Twitter, Slack, user groups, etc. can help you get to know important names and faces in the community.

What's Next

Once you've submitted your nomination and secured a few nominations from current MVPs or Sitecore employees, the waiting game begins. Sitecore has a team that reviews all nominations and pours over your contributions. This process happens behind closed doors and takes a couple of months. Expect 2018 MVPs to be announced sometime in late January or early February of 2018.

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