Sitecore Publish Reporting Kit 2 Released


Brandon Bruno


November 06, 2019


Sitecore Publish Reporting Kit 2 Released

My module Sitecore Publish Reporting Kit (SPRK) has been updated to version 2.0.0!

SPRK is a simple item-level publish logging and reporting tool. It also includes an incremental publish queue report, which is handy for several publishing scenarios.

What's New in SPRK 2.0.0

Major changes in the new release include:

  • Added support for Identity Server logins (Sitecore 9.1 and up)
  • Fixed issue with LogFolder setting not resolving correctly on Sitecore 9.0 and up
  • Added a link back to Content Editor for each Item ID on the publish reports
  • Added Debug features: DebugMode setting for admins and basic Debug Info report (see README)
  • Verified compatibility with Sitecore 9.2

The first two issues were show-stoppers for full Sitecore 9.1+ support, so with these fixes, SPRK is ready to be used on all supported versions of Sitecore (8.2 and up).


SPRK 2.0.0 can be downloaded from my personal website.

The Sitecore Marketplace page will be updated in the coming weeks.

Source Code

SPRK is completely open-source and can be found on GitHub. Feel free to open issues and/or pull requests for feature enhancements or bug fixes.

Do you have questions, comments, or corrections for this post? Find me on Twitter: @BrandonMBruno