Introducing Sitecore PowerShell Extensions Starter Kits


Brandon Bruno


August 19, 2020


Introducing Sitecore PowerShell Extensions Starter Kits

Sitecore PowerShell Extensions (SPE) is an extremely useful module for Sitecore, and the SPE documentation does a great job of breaking down the many pieces of the module, cmdlets, and extensibility.

Despite that, however, the PowerShell scripting language itself can sometimes be verbose to the point of frustration for some developers. I've found myself repeatedly writing boilerplate PowerShell or hunting down old scripts to tear apart for re-use time and time again.

To help address this, I've created the Sitecore Spark SPE Starter Kits on GitHub.

Getting Started For All

The SPE Starter Kits are intended to be used for two purposes:

  • a quick copy & paste starting point for more complex scripts
  • point of reference and learning for common SPE cmdlets and tools

First, I'm creating starter kits for common SPE-based tasks and making them available for anyone to use. I'm focusing on two of the most commonly used and verbose cmdlets: Read-Variable (link) and Show-ListView (link). More cmdlets and scripts will be added over time, and I always welcome pull requests for additional starting points.

Second, I'm writing all my scripts with documentation and references back to the official SPE docs. My starter kits can be used as additional reference beyond the official docs, as well as examples for those still learning SPE.

Source on GitHub

SPE Starter Kits lives on GitHub and will be updated and expanded upon regularly. The repo is available here:

SPE Starter Kits

If you have an interesting addition for SPE Starter Kits, please contact me or submit a pull request on GitHub.

Do you have questions, comments, or corrections for this post? Find me on Twitter: @BrandonMBruno