Open Sourcing Sitecore Spark


Brandon Bruno


January 04, 2021


Open Sourcing Sitecore Spark

Welcome to Sitecore Spark in 2021!

With the challenging 2020 behind us, I'm looking forward to what 2021 has in store, including a few tweaks and operational changes to Sitecore Spark. Here's the lowdown:


  • I've recently tweaked the design of Sitecore Spark to focus on blogging. This is the bread-and-butter of Spark, with the most content, views, and discussion, so from here on out, Spark is a blog first-and-foremost.

  • The Resources page has been updated and cleaned up. Newer community activities (such as Sitecore Lunch) have been added, while lots of old cruft (dead links, abandoned blogs) has been removed.

  • A new category of blog content will feature ELI5 topics. ELI5 is "explain like I'm five" - a way to describe and detail a complex topic with simple, neutral concepts and easy phrasing. Sitecore features a lot jargon and confusing concepts - containerization, SaaS, CaaS, xConnect, etc. I hope to occassionally break these down into the simplest definition possible for everyone to understand.

Twitter Changes

  • @SitecoreSpark is the face of Spark on Twitter. Starting in 2021, it will be phased out in favor of my public persona @BrandonMBruno. I'll be using this for all developer-related discussion, including all-things Sitecore, Jamstack, and inane developer chit-chat.

Open Sourcing SparkServer

I already maintain a few open-source Sitecore projects on GitHub, but starting today I'm going all-in on open source - starting with SparkServer. SparkServer is the the ASP.NET MVC application that powers Sitecore Spark. The entire framework, MVC application, and relevant SQL Server database scripts are available for all on GitHub. A few pieces (like the SSO login) are separate, closed-source applications, but SparkServer should run locally just fine.

Check it out: SparkServer

My other open-source Sitecore projects:

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