Hello, Sitecore


Brandon Bruno


July 23, 2021


Hello, Sitecore

I started working with Sitecore 6.5 (among other .NET technologies) more than ten years ago. In 2015 I joined Perficient to focus solely on Sitecore. The last twelve months have brought a lot of change to my life, and much of it culminates in another big move for 2021: Next month I leave consulting and will join Sitecore full-time as a Sales Engineer.

The Future of Sitecore Spark

Joining Sitecore means I'm leaving the Sitecore community as a Technology MVP - but that doesn't mean I'm leaving the Sitecore community altogether.

As much as my new position will allow, I look forward to sharing a few types of new topics on Spark:

  • The future of Sitecore - what's new and what it means for the Sitecore developer community
  • Breaking down and understanding composable DXP - that new, fancy marketing term that essentially translates to "choose what tools you like and make them work together - good luck"
  • Random Siteore XP topics - I still have a huge backlog of traditional Sitecore tech topics to cover, and I'll get those out from time to time

A few of my skills have become rusty over the years, so I'm going to be tackling a few newer technologies in the coming year - for me that's ReactJS, newer headless concepts, and a few other DXP-related topics - and of course I'll be sharing blog posts on these topics right here.

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